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Summer's Shadow DVD

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Sometimes all it takes is a dog to find home.

The Love of a Little Girl and a Lost Dog Save the Neighborhood

All it took was a sweet, stray dog to change the life of 12-year-old Summer Larsen and those around her. Summer has a big heart and maturity beyond her years. And Shadow, named for always following her around, was destined to be her dog. But for how long? And at what price?

With controversy building in the neighborhood, Summer is determined to do what's right and care for Shadow. With the help of a reclusive neighbor and a nerdy boy picked on by the popular kids, she learns a worthy lesson that following your conscience is not always easy...but the reward can be invaluable.

Summer's Shadow is inspired by true events and an endearing story for family members of all ages.

Belle Shouse, Todd Terry, Liz Franke
Mark Hanson, Aiden Langford, Juli Erickson